Women’s Mindset Winner’s Box

Yeah Yeah I know!! Stop talking about it Holly. I can’t . Its not in my DNA. I have this horrid thing called passion.  Trust me when I say I annoy even myself sometimes.

So this week we had a huge change in our country. We had the inauguration of Donald Trump as our president.  Some hate him, some love him, some not so sure.  Well at the end of the day we are stuck with him. Like it or not he’s our president. I have a lot of national pride so I choose to stand behind our president. I have stood behind them all.  Thats what it means to be patriotic.  Im a proud patriot.

I’m sure if Hillary would’ve won I would’ve cried a a small tear and cussed then went on about my business.  Yeah I voted for The Donald.  I like him.  Sure he grabbed a girls crotch. Want to freak out ….record me and my girlfriends talking a bottle of wine deep.  Come on!!! LOL  We all have our reasons for the way we vote.  We vote for different reasons….mostly its based on our life experiences.  Thats all fine and dandy. Its what makes our nation so incredible. You can, I can and everyone else can.

You know what else makes our nation so incredible? The strong and fiercely independent women of our great country. Sure the glass ceiling may still be there for some in the business world.  There are many numbers and statistics that go together when depriving these figures though. As a student of numbers,  I look at things like what was used to come up with these statistics. How and where are women being underpaid to do the same work as a man.  Well first of all……..we have babies. So if you have 100 of us women, 75 of us will have children.  During those child bearing years most of us have to give our careers a backseat to the rigors of motherhood. This sets us back. And thats ok.  I’ve had 4. I would be rich by now!! However I made an investment in my family.  That was my CHOICE. I can’t expect to be at the same pay rate as a man or women who has had no distractions to their career.  .  I work with one of the top 100 franchises in the world.  We have a female CEO. She is a mom.

So I choose not to buy into these stats. I just don’t relate. I’m sure there are women who aren’t paid fairly. There are men too. My husband is a stay at home dad.  HIs pay sucks!!  I make more money than my male friends all while nursing babies and carrying humans around in my uterus. I have done deals while minutes away from natural childbirth. Its a mind set. I love working.  I also love being a mom. Would my income be higher right now had I not been having babies the last 10 years. HECK YES IT WOULD! I kept working but I was very distracted and pretty much just doing what I had to to make ends meet. Not exceed.  So to put me side by side with a man who hasn’t  pushed a human out of their vagina would just be kinda silly wouldn’t it.

Now let me please talk about these women’s marches. It was a huge disconnect for me. I don’t relate to these women. I grew up poor as hell. I wore clothes to school that my mother made me out of material we found in a dumpster. A dumpster that smelled like bum piss. We never owned a home and moved every year. I was never in a school longer than a year…ever.  My father was a disabled veteran who passed in my early 20’s with little help from our government (nice way to treat a Vietnam vet eh…if anyone needs a march its these guys and gals) while our crackhead neighbor was completely taken care of. My life hasn’t been peaches and cream.  I’ve seen enough to say with 100% certainty, we have choices.  The government will never be perfect.  I never really considered that an option. We win, we lose and we accept outcomes like adults.

I worked two jobs , had no family support to help care for them and I did it.   Why? Well because I knew I could.  I never got welfare or anything. Did I try? Nope. Should I have….probably.  Do I look down on women that do?  Absolutely not. Do I look down on ones that abuse the system……HELL YES!  I even had women say to me  this week “well just because it worked for you!”  What does that mean? Just because I didn’t wait for my night in shining armor to rescue me? And what worked?My hard work? It sure did !! Or that I choose not to bitch and complain?  SO now as a strong woman I don’t get the respect of the ones who complain? I should march against them!  I FIND OTHER WOMEN MORE OPPRESSIVE THAN ANY GOVERNMENT HERE.   And that is why this was not MY MARCH.

I don’t relate to the women out there wearing pink pussy hats holding signs disrespecting our new leader.  I just found it frustrating that there are actual women’s issues in this world that should be handled. (lets deal with Monsanto since it’s making our babies sick, or fight for making our own health choices for our children like getting rid of forced vaccinations) However piggy backing an ANTI TRUMP rally as if its a women’s rights rally appalled me. It appalled me because it didn’t represent all women. It only represented the women angry that Bernie or Hillary didn’t win.  This is exactly the problem with the vast majority of the people in our country. Complainers..

We have such an amazing country. Our women can ride bikes, bear children in the manner they choose, work alongside men , make our own health choices, vote, show our boobs, or cover them up, practice religion, wear pants, use cuss words, go to bars, etc. It never ends.  I have never felt oppressed. Not once. If we get raped we don’t get Stoned to death, or our lady parts mutilated. Come on….

What we have in this country is a huge mind set issue. We choose to see the world how we want. We can either cry about it or stand up and be the change we seek.  Marching in vagina costumes is not the change we seek my friends.  The change we seek is reassuring our daughters that they can 100% be anything they want to be. The option is there. Weather or not they decide to take it…..well that is unto them.  My daughters will, I can assure you of that.

Today I rode my bike. I rode with men.  They schooled me on the technical sections and high five’d me on my endeavor.  Did it cross their minds that I was even a woman. Probably not! LOL  Sure I cuss like a sailor and think fart jokes are funny.  Yet at work I wear heels, makeup and can sit in a board room any day and handle my business. I can talk about foreign affairs with a Chinese investor and then rap with a commercial lender about cap rates and market trends. I can be anything I want. I am still figuring out who that is.  Its my choice. I have many choices.

Come on ladies. Unless I missed something you have more rights than any of you will ever even use. So get up off your butts and take whats yours…I HAVE!

There was a day when I doubted myself as a woman. It wasn’t my presidents fault. It was mine.  My good girlfriend Pamela took me by the hand and told me I could do it. At the time the market had crashed and I had two babies. I was flat broke and terrified, and a single mom.  Its all I needed to hear. When it came from her it just meant more.

Tonight I did the same for one of my lady friends.  I am kindly urging her to race this weekend because I know she will kill it.  I am also pushing her to follow her business adventures. She’s a talented pastry chef.  Its her time. She just doesn’t know it yet.  On a bike she’s one of the fastest ladies I know …yet she questions herself.  We all do. SO march for that! March for mind set changes in our women and children.  March to help them see themselves for what they are……beautiful women who can be the change they so desperately seek.

No one is holding us back but ourselves. God Bless America. Go find your winners box and stand on it.  You will be amazed how few women realize what they are capable of. Grab their hands and help them see what you see.

For now ….we ride. And eat pastry’s.




3 thoughts on “Women’s Mindset Winner’s Box

  1. We don’t know each other but have a mutual friend, Dean Bradley. I grew up with a father but Dadless. My parental role model was my mom, who raised me and my 3 siblings as a single parent. My sister is raising 2 teenage young men as as single parent. Strong women like you are my Super Heroes. Thank you for your fortitude and perseverance. May your example inspire others to take the reins and strive to make their ride called Life the best to which they are capable of.


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