Being a DISRUPTOR……FOR DUMMIES…Don’t be a D.N.B!

Disruptor Definition: To cause disorder or turmoil in:

What does this mean? Is it a bad thing? Well I assure you it isn’t. Being complacent in your life in general is a really bad habit. Yes we all get that way sometimes. The most successful Mountain Bike Riders, Professionals, Mothers, and people in our society are the ones who have no fear of being the disruptor.

Let me tell you a story.

FIRST of all let me tell you I really really don’t like people telling me what to do. Ask my husband. LOL   I also really really have no patience for complainers  or victims who do nothing to change their situations. My favorite quote of all time was this-

“Don’t be a DO NOTHING BITCH”  – Ronda Rousey

This quote was so powerful she went on to shorten it to D.N.B    I love love love love love this! You see Ronda Rousey is a disruptor. She’s hot, smart and knocks women out in the ring. She quickly became a sensation. I like to think of myself as a DNB like her in my life. It’s actually my life goals!!!  I want to disrupt the ^*(% out of the world. HOW? OK OK I’ll get to the story.

About a year ago there was a creepy molester guy cruising the area.  His M.O was to go into women’s Real Estate Open Houses and ask strange questions and just basically put everyone in full blown creep mode. Word started traveling quickly on Facebook and in the community in general. The cops had been called at about 5 instances over a few days but this guy just wasn’t being handled. You see the police department just really couldn’t do much to someone just for being creepy.

I had seen on a girl friend’s Facebook page that he had called her from a out of area area code. It was not local.  So low and behold,  I get a sign call off one of my listings that day from a man from THAT area code.  My husband was home with the babies so I called my friend who is a property inspector to meet me there. ON my way I posted a screenshot of the name and info of the home he wanted to see on a local Real Estate agents GROUP page.  I showed up, my buddy was there and we quickly realized he was not the same guy. So I handled the showing as normal. Whew, creep averted.

The next morning I got a nasty text from the guy I did meet that he was told by a random agent of my post. Mind you it wasn’t a public post. It was on a real estate AGENT page. WHAT THE HELL? Why would someone in my own industry call this guy to alert him just to burn me? Want to know the answer? Well there are a lot of pieces of feculence in the real estate industry.  So they call this guy who wanted to buy a 700,000 home. Not to be  a hero. THEN Why?  The only answer to this question that makes sense is so they can steal him as a prospective client. I straight got served…………. And here I was just worried about being raped. This is where my favorite hashtag #ihatepeople #ilovebikes comes from.  Sometimes I just literally wonder WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE.

I was very upset.  As a matter of fact I was pissed beyond belief. Now I couldn’t even get info to all the other agents out there quickly without some asshole in my own industry burning me? UGH. Well then at a comment by another friend hit me as I was telling her the story . She said we need our own private BUZZFEED. Boom, well since we aren’t DNB we will just make that happen now! What better time to get all the active agents in town to buy into a private page that we can manage a little tighter. Only agents that we screen and allow in!

And the Temecula Valley Real Estate BUZZFEED was born. Over night it was almost 600 deep. Today it is at 1009. I delete people religiously. It quickly became a safe HAVEN for agents to call each other out, to alert each other of dangers and literally to start policing our own. It was beautiful.  Complete and utter mayhem. But it was the beautiful kind of mayhem!!!! People were exposing unethical behavior, agents who never picked up the phone now were in fear of getting called out by their peers.  We were able to talk politics  without the fear that our clients would see, talk about guns, the market and all the craziness we deal with on a daily basis.

Over the course of a year I have had to oust a large group of people . Once they are exposed for a lot of unethical practices they are removed.  Most local managers were removed for yelling at there agents for their posts…LOL  That was my favorite. Lets pull in an independent contractor and yell at them for speaking freely on a site created entirely to protect us from JUST THAT!

Ready for the sad part? Well there are a lot of DO NOTHING BITCHES in my industry. They would rather turn their cheek to shitty practices. People have become quiet and almost bullied to say what they are really thinking. Many times they have hidden behind me and watched me take a large beating…WHY, well you said it, because they ARE DO NOTHING BITCHES.

People are uncomfortable standing up for whats right. As a matter of fact I think they are just afraid. Afraid of everything. Do they think I am not? I’m afraid all the time but I don’t let that drive me. I even had a very christian agent tell me she couldn’t be on the BUZZFEED anymore because we called out an agent who has repeatedly burned multiple agents in my office and many many other’s locally.  He is a compete bag of crap yet she was more worried about this happening since she felt it it wasn’t christian.  HUH? I’m confused. Last I checked Jesus was a complete bad ass that stood up for the injured. He didn’t turn and run because it was uncomfortable.  This agent had every opportunity to defend himself and make it right yet he didn’t. Which is usually the case when something is 100% true!

This mentality of D.N.B to me is no different from watching someone beat someone else in the street and just watch.  If you are watching this act and doing nothing you are no better than the BULLY. There is no discussion beyond that.

I wish people would be brave, stand up for injustice and do the right thing. Mind you I have never allowed names on this BUZZFEED site.  I booted someone for using names and he publicly blasted me on HIS PUBLIC page while NOT A SINGLE agent who has enjoyed the sanctity of my page said a thing. They all called me, messaged me, emailed me, etc to voice their opinion of him, YET None publically backed me. I was blown away by the complete lack of fearlessness. I just don’t relate.  I would run into a burning building for my people….TWICE.  I would run into a burning building for a stranger……FIVE TIMES

SO yes I love being a disruptor. Its what I was born to be.  I’m proud to not be a D.N.B and shout from mountain tops my truth, even if I stand up there alone. What are you? Tomorrow I pedal with my husband to prep for this weekends SoCAL ENDURO SERIES Mountain Bike race. I’m scared as I always am before a race.  I usually wreck, its always hard and I always have a epic day. However I always know in the back of my head I am me, I am Holly and I am going to (*^& SOME SHIT UP.  To all the D.N.B’s out there enjoy your same as always Saturday.  Do me a favor though and find a way to disrupt, because trust me when I say , we have all the fun. Oh and guess what? The creepy Molester…..HE”S GONE. 😉




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