Narcissistic Monkey Circus

Recently I was unfortunate enough to watch a huge influx of inexperienced unethical agents flood the real estate industry .   It was a slow progression at first, but I knew the meltdown was coming as I watched in horror at the business practices followed. This progressed like a clogged bathroom drain,  from mildly gross to full blown heinous. Holy crap who’s gonna get that stinky hairball out? Ughhhh please don’t pick ME!!!

For instance an agent is at an open house. A young couple walks in.  Agent asks if they have representation. Client says yes. Agent asks who? Then agent proceeds to open up a private data base for agents eyes only to share why he thinks they are not experienced so forth and to pass those numbers along. STOP RIGHT THERE!!!! This is not an ethical practice.  There is nothing more to discuss. Its also not ok to make a couple like this believe that the only way they will get a home is by writing the offer with “douche agent” even though they made it clear they have an agent.  The general public does not understand how this all works. It makes my blood boil. Do int others as you would have done to you. Bust out the bible,  buddy! (I say this with complete disrespect)

As a disclaimer I will add this didn’t happen to me. But it happened to my friends. Lots of them.  It has happened to my agents and my fellow brokerages agents.  Why do I care so much? I guess I just have an over flow of character when it comes to this industry.

I love real estate. Everything real estate. From residential sales to Development and Commercial Ventures., to the mass majority who are super knowledgeable solid professionals.  Its not easy money when its done right. But what do I know? I have only been selling real estate full time for a decade.  Relationships are what matter, including the relationships with the other professionals in the industry.

A year ago I embarked on a new journey with my new business partners. Running and building a sustainable brokerage is not for the faint of heart.  Right as you almost fall asleep there is almost always an emergency call. Its a ton of work. We are the stewards of our agents livelihood and wellbeing.  Its not something we take lightly.

I believe in more than myself. Maybe this is a business flaw.   I’m pretty sure if I mostly just believed in myself I would make much more money.  I likely would’ve filled the walls of our brokerage with anyone with a heartbeat!!  However I have always dreamed of something truly unique. A brokerage that has a culture that is so true to who we are as people that it rolls directly into our daily lives.   We quite literally become a tribe of  the likeminded. Why is this so precious? Well it is our belief that someone should always be authentic to who they are,,,,,,all the time.  If they are not a good person then they can go be authentically gross on someone else’s roster. BYE!!! Our brokerage is a safe haven.

Doesn’t this sound swell? Well you would think so! However its not as popular as posturing around town driven by the EGO. Its not as popular as the “platform AGENT’S”  and “LOOK AT ME’s” who have flooded our industry. Hero complex is real.

It literally turns my stomach. These people are a  gross misrepresentation of a of good human. They became the catalyst  to  the most stressful and expensive mistake someone can make.  These agents are so money driven.  My new favorite trend is they even hire real estate coaches whom have no longer been allowed to carry licenses by the courts.  Their licenses have been revoked on a half dozen offenses.   Am I crazy?  Why would I think this is insane? Because it IS!!!!  IT’S NUTS!! Because being wealthy and important is their real end goal. Not selflessly enriching lives.

How has this become the normal?  And why am I the big asshole for asking this question? When did the circus get in town and a bunch of monkeys start selling real estate. “HELLO……….ASS HAT,  IF YOU DON’T GET THE LISTING IT’S NOT OK TO KNOCK ON THE DOOR TO THAT SELLER AND DEMAND THEY LOOK AT SCREENSHOTS OF THE WINNING AGENTS PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE.  Its fully against REALTOR ethical standards to even talk to a seller after they have chosen another agent over you.

I have always believed in a world bigger than myself. My business goals last year were no longer to sell the most homes but to be better. To build something beautiful. Something I could be so profoundly proud of.  I just wanted to be a better mom, a better athlete and a better human being.  I wanted to be a better coach to my agents and a better wife.  I wanted a sustainable amount of business but I wanted to focus on the people more.  All of them.

What has emerged is a really rad version of myself. I’m super proud of the woman I have become.  40 has brought about a new sense of wellbeing. I 100% love who I am. I will admit What remains though is a serious distaste for so many in the industry in which I work. I find so many lacking basic human ethical standards. I guess its hard to have an ethics scale when so many have gone really far into the grey area of right and wrong. If it may be wrong …don’t do it!!

As my partner Sarah said to me the other day, “Girl Being Robinhood is hard.” It sure has its days. I ride my bike a little farther and a little faster on those day. I leave it in the pedals so to speak.   I wouldn’t change anything for all the money in the world though.  We must self police the industry….no one else will.  Somehow we have become a community overwhelmingly driven by complete narcism.  Yet this has become such the norm that people actually view these sociopaths with heroism. Not sure how we got here, but here we are.

I guess some will never get it that these are humans they work with in the community, and family’s in which they serve.  They are not “numbers” or “transactions” or “files” or random agents they horrifically affect. They are not a door that gets knocked. They are families seeing hard times, agents with children they are supporting alone.  When an agent uses gross business practices to steal clients, to lie to gain a step up or to use bully moves to win,  I must speak up.  Its easier not to.  Its ok though……because I do sleep good at night.

At the end of the day when I walk through those pearly gates I will hold my head high. I am authentic, strong and true to my beliefs….ALL THE TIME, not just when its convenient.  For instance when an agent poses for Facebook photos while doing a food drive.  Yet 5 minutes later uses bully tactic to coerce clients from an agent who’s a single mom right after thanksgiving day.  This is  so belligerently wrong. Dude, I think you still have turkey dinner on your breath!

We are REALTORS and those well known professional standards are in place for a reason.

Being a good solid agent, partner and person is not the easy route.  However I am solid in my resolve that we will grow our brokerage slowly, with intent, and with agents who possess a true sense of who they are, who are always authentic. I will never allow one of these snakes in the grass into our family. Our agents are fully vetted to be around and collaborate with other like minded powerhouses within our brokerage. True professional super stars even when no one is looking.

ERA possesses the highest sales per agent rate in the industry. We work under the brand umbrella of the worlds most ethical real estate company.   We are super proud of that and I will protect them with the intent I set in play.  On days when being Robinhood sucks I’ll ride it out and listen to a little extra Extra Heavy Metal or beat on some drums……but I will sleep!  Peace…Love and Rock n Roll. NO narcissistic Monkey’s or their circus are welcome here.


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