My Why…Adventurous Mindset

I don’t believe that anyone is one thing.   I know I am not .  Sometimes I’m a mom, a mountain biker, a Realtor, a woman, a wife, a bad ass, a scared little girl and a daughter all within minutes of each other.  Life in general brings on challenges.  Sometimes it’s who we channel at that time that will dicatate our outcome.

I don’t pretend to know much about much.  I do on occasion know a little about a lot  and sometimes I do think I have found the secret.   Then life happens and I realize it’s all part of the game, the race, a family, my health or the way the cards just fell.   I’m really not in control of anything.   However I don’t let life and people dictate my ending.  I’ll pick that one trail, escrow, child, hubby date, friendship and day at a time.  I can’t predict a bad landing, a crazy client, a sick body, a shitty cup of Joe, a bad hair day, a broken heart, a lost wallet or a death in the family.  What can I do?

I can go hard, soft, kind, patient, and crazy!  It’s my call on that day at that time.  How amazing is it that we get to choose that much in the end? It’s the main thing we rock…..our reaction to the outcome.  That’s what we do have and  our only guarantee.  Mind set is my life’s mission.  I set it in all aspects to my life   It works, it’s real and it’s life changing.

This blog is about my journey through motherhood, huge wins, disastrous losses, 4 kids, divorce, marriage, being a business owner, assault, extreme heartbreak and loss, my health battle with cancer,  rheumatoid and lupus and my insatiable appetite for adventure.

I turn 40 next week and I finally have a handle on what my WHY is.  It’s adventure.  I’m no longer embarrassed to admit it.  I used to think that was selfish.   I recently realized it’s actually selfish to not be who I am. I need it and it’s who I am at my very core.  This is what God settled on when he looked at me….He said something like….just kidding I really don’t want to know what he was thinking. Lol.

I do know without a shadow of a doubt I was put here to lead, fall on my ass, get up and to inspire.  I was sent here to coach business  and life mindset.  I believe in people and the human condition.   I’ve had a lot of conditioning! I believe that with the right mind set (and a lot of faith)  we can quite literally do anything.  Be it on the job, the relationship, the race and yes even the recovery. We don’t have to be our illness, tragedy or WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US.

I have been called many things in my life. To name a few eccentric, loud, aggressive, assertive, adventurous, stubborn, entrepreneurial,  dynamic and crazy.  I’ll own it.  I’m proud of who I am.   I am survivor and I will continue to rock n roll no matter what bullshit lands at my feet.  I’m likely to cry, get pissed, accept and quickly move on.  Not trying to pretend that I’M not painfully human. That’s my process and that’s how I roll.  One thing is for damn sure…..I will hit the ground running.

Mother of 4 beautiful children Zoë 14, Justice 10, Marley 3, and Willie 1. I breastfed them all well into toddlerhood and am a huge advocate of natural motherhood.  Yes more adventure!  My better half William is the kindest man on the planet. I had to fight tooth and nail for him and will continue to until the day I die.    Not sure how him and the kids put up with me sometimes but they seem to dig me.   At the end of the day and at the Crux of most of my harebrained adventures ……..yes you guessed it,








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